Lithium Carbonate

Product name: Lithium Carbonate, Industrial Grade 
CAS number: 554-13-2 
Molecular Formula: Li2CO3
Molecular Weight: 73.89 
Application: - to produce other lithium salts, like lithium oxide, lithium bromide,etc. 
             - used in aluminum electrolysis, special glass, ceramics, glaze, enamel, etc.
Packing: 25kg woven bags with plastic inner layers. 
Quality standard: (GB/T11075-2003) 
ITEMS      Standards
Li2CO3     99.0% min.
Na2O       0.20% max.
Fe2O3      0.008% max.
CaO        0.05% max.
Cl-        0.005% max.
SO42       0.35% max.
Insoluble matter in HCl 0.015% max.
H2O        0.60% max.


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